Community Services

- to help family members of murdered loved ones cope with grief and the difficulties of loosing a loved one to violence.

PARENTS MENTORING PARENTS- mature parents assist younger parents with parenting skills and offer suggestions for discipline and family activities.

PARENTS for PEACE NEIGHBORHOOD TOURS – PAV members and volunteers tour neighborhoods and attend youth social events to talk to youth and young adults about community and family issues, and to encourage them to avoid using violence.

WHO KILLED MY CHILD CAMPAIGN – to bring awareness to unsolved homicides, through public rallies and distribution of flyers, posters and billboards.

Youth Programs

BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION PROGRAM – to help youth better conduct their social behavior including, at home, at school, and at social events.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND ANGER MANAGEMENT SESSIONS – to help youths and young adults find alternatives to solving a conflict without the use of violence.

Y.O.U.N.G. MINISTRY (Youth Of an Ultimate New Generation) – to decrease violence by introducing youths and young adults to a Christian way of solving conflicts at home, school, work or events associated with everyday life.

SISTERS LEADERSHIP PROGRAM- Help young girls ages 9 – 18 develop and mature into smart-innovative-successful-thinking-exemplified-refined-sisters.